Warehouse & Distribution


PAEGAE, owns both sheltered and open spaced warehouses, for storage of palletized and bulk cargo, of broad range of goods (excluding flammable and explosive).

The sheltered warehouse facilities, feature:

  • Height from 5 – 14 m
  • Spaces with constant temperature range
  • Narrow corridor rails VNA or Reach Truck
  • Fire sprinkler systems – Fire detect system control
  • Hydraulic ramps and blading for loading and unloading
  • Pest control

The opened space warehouse area, is suitable to stock all types of goods such as bulky machinery, cars etc.
These plots are equipped with a fire extinguishing system and pest control. All facilities (indoor and outdoor) are monitored and supervised 24/7 by a private security company.

PAEGAE is offering high quality third party logistics services, with advanced/intelligent warehouse management system (WMS), which include:

  • Reception of palletized and non palletized goods
  • Macroscopic quality control and control of samples
  • Picking of orders
  • Loading of palletized or bulk products
  • Μanagement of tax bonded goods
  • Reporting and KPIs

Documents’ Management & Digitalization

PAEGAE, offers document storage services, and services of physical recall and digitization of all forms of archive material. We use a modern recall system and a fully organized digitization center. The company’s infrastructure and the quality of its services ensure safe file keeping and direct physical recall and digitization.

Transport & Distribution

PAEGAE undertakes the transport and distribution services for the goods of its customers all over Greece (both mainland and the islands), via an extensive network of partners. All the deliveries are monitored and controlled, by Information of Delivery (IOD) and Proof of Delivery (POD).


PAEGAE offers through its specialized partner within the Magoula complex a range of services for the repackaging and sorting of products and the implementation of promotional activities like labeling and/or bundle packs. The repackaging activity is carried out in an independent location within the premises with certified high quality levels of service.

Warehouse Concession

PAEGAE owns warehouse facilities of various sizes and features for the storage and handling of products by the customers themselves. We give them the option of additional services such as:

  • Lease of all types of forklifts for a short or long period of time including a maintenance contract
  • Parking spaces for staff vehicles and trucks
  • Stock and manage of overstock for specific periods within the year, in certain warehouse areas in the same complex
  • Waste management
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • 24/7 security services

Warehouse Receipt

  • Warehouse Receipt is the depository that is issued by PAEGAE and certifies the quantity of the stored goods or commodities
  • The depository may be presented to the Financial Institutions in order the manufacturer or processor be funded. Thus, they have access to an alternative way of financing in order to enhance the liquidity of their business
  • Cargo goods can be released gradually or at once
  • PAEGAE is the only company in Greece that can issue Warehouse Receipts

Facilities Management

    • PAEGAE has an experienced team of specialized technical personnel within its facilities. This team undertakes the regular maintenance and repair of damages throughout all the warehouse areas, the supporting operating systems and the outdoor area.


    Specifically, our technicians take care of the:
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Generators and generating sets
  • The internal water supply network
  • Facilities road network and the surrounding areas
  • Maintenance of green areas and tree planting


  • All facilities are patrolled by a private security company
  • Guards in the premises
  • 24/7 camera recording system at the entrance & exit gates