Finished Vehicle Logistics

Vehicle Tranportation & Storage PDI/PDS

PAEGAE undertakes the full project of receiving the vehicles upon their arrival in Greece from OLP (Piraeus Port) car terminal and transfers them for their import formalities. Afterwards, the company stores them in certain storage areas which meets factory specifications such as adequate drainage, distances – marking, lighting, distinct freight corridors and truck loading space. PAEGAE informs the customer upon completion of each import. All areas are monitored and supervised 24/7 by a private security company.

The open and fully asphalted customs and tax warehouses are covered by a perimeter active fire protection network and have the necessary certificates of the fire brigade service.

Part of the storage area is covered to protect vehicles against severe weather conditions.

The customer has real – time information for the location of the vehicle, through the use of portable barcoding reader terminals. Fully qualified staff undertake special maintenance services of the vehicle during the storage period (check and tire pressure supplementation, voltage control – battery charging, car preparation for long-term storage) according to factory specifications.

PDI / PDS Services

PAEGAE undertakes the removal of factory-shielded protection film or wax of newly imported cars, thorough cleaning and their quality control.

We undertake all the necessary services to prepare the delivery of the vehicle to the customer’s sales network as well as the installation of optional equipment in accordance to factory specifications.


  • Dewaxing / washing with high pressure hot water. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the car and the engine compartment
  • Removing protective materials (plastic door protectors, guards, etc.)
  • Checking the proper operation of mechanical parts & the initial setup of car electronics software
  • The installation of navigation systems, bluetooth, parking assistance systems, etc.
  • Customization services: Commercial vehicle fitting (post-market installation of audio and visual signage intended for delivery to the Hellenic Police, Fire Department etc.)
  • Detailed external quality control of the car
  • Full checkup on the basis of factory specifications prior delivering to the sales network
  • The provision of all the necessary information to the client through computer applications

 Lease & Buy Back

PAEGAE undertakes the management of second-hand, vehicles (ex-rental or ex- lease) so that these cars can be resold.

Especially for these cars, the company provides:

  • Car pickup, import and storage with immediate update to the client
  • Detailed recording of damages and deficiencies
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the car and the engine compartment
  • Repairs in a fully equipped refinishing/paint shop in the minimum time and at the lowest possible cost
  • Mechanical repair work
  • Detailed quality control before delivery
  • Adding the necessary equipment (triangle, fire extinguisher, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Handling of transferring and distribution orders

Vehicle Distribution into the Sales Network

  • PAEGAE is a company whose aim is to provide integrated transportation services of the highest standard. Thanks to our high end technologies that we use to auto transporters and communication, but most especially due to our professionalism and flexibility, we are in a position to offer the whole variety of transport services, from day to day business to ”tailor made” solutions
  • Fleet consists of privately owned & subcontractor carrier trucks available for the transport of passenger cars, minivans, SUVs as well as light commercial vehicles
  • Through ERP application, every car’s exit from the compound ignites an automated mail sent to the dealer, to notify them of the expected delivery date/time
  • Whenever we issue a delivery note for a car, an e-copy is sent to our customer

Warehouse Receipt

  • Warehouse Receipt is the depository that is issued by PAEGAE and certifies the quantity of the vehicles stored
  • The depository may be presented to the Financial Institutions in order the importer be funded. Thus, they have access to an alternative way of financing in order to enhance the liquidity of their business
  • Vehicles can be released gradually
  • PAEGAE is the only company in Greece that can issue Warehouse Receipts

Facilities Management

PAEGAE has an experienced team of specialized technical personnel within its facilities. This team undertakes the regular maintenance and repair of damages throughout all the warehouse areas, the supporting operating systems and the outdoor area.

Specifically, our technicians take care of the:

  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Generators and generating sets
  • The internal water supply network
  • Facilities road network and the surrounding areas
  • Maintenance of green areas and tree planting



  • All facilities are patrolled by a private security company.
  • Guards in the premises.
  • 24/7 camera recording system at the entrance & exit gates.