PAEGAE’s History

Vision & Mission

  • Our vision, which is based in high principles, is to be the most reliable partner in 3rd Party Logistics Services Market. Thus we encourage all initiatives in a safe work environment. We aim for the continuous improvement of our portfolio. We respect the environment in which we operate by supporting and implementing environmental actions.
  • Our mission is to provide high level 3rd Party Logistics Services to meet our customers' requirements. We maintain an excellent level of cooperation with them by offering a wide range of services in a context of financial stability and competitive cost.

Board of Directors

Panagiotis Georgiou   Chairman of the BoD 

Giorgos Skotidas Vice President of the BoD & CEO

Petros Fronistas Member of the BoD

Aggelos Katsikas Member of the BoD

Athanassios Tsourapas Member of the BoD