For PAEGAE, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a collective effort supported by all employees and the top management. We vision it as an integral part of our corporate culture, and an important regulator in decision making.

We follow an innovative development model and act as a unique corporate case of good practice. Our scope is to influence positively both our people, our customers & partners network. Our ultimate goal is to adopt Sustainable Development practices from the Greek market.

Furthermore, taking into account the responsibility that we have as a company towards the Environment, Human, Society and Market we have made significant progress in CRS actions.

Since 2015, PAEGAE publishes annually its “CSR Report”, in order to inform its stakeholders on the results of the company’s activities as well as on the actions we implement with a view to social and environmental contribution.

Transparency and Morality, are the axes of our business ethical code. Thus, we create mechanisms that safeguard those principles.

All personnel is well informed of all the new developments on sustainability issues thus the company invest by evaluating the holistic, economic, social and environmental level. We always seek to achieve the necessary ratio between resources and added value to the company.

Environment: We systematically monitor the environmental impact of our activity by designing and implementing actions to reduce energy, water and materials we consume. We reduce our carbon footprint and we work with the United Nations to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from our activity.

Some of our important actions on the Environment pillar:

  • Bulbs replacement from conventional to LED.
  • Use of energy-efficient equipment
  • Installing photocells on the warehouse/premises
  • Systematic maintenance of both water supply and fire-fighting networks
  • Use of environmentally friendly car washing systems
  • Recycling of both paper waste and stretch films, pallets
  • Systematic monitoring of carbon footprint
  • Tree planting
  • Pollution compensation through the Climate Neutral Now initiative

Human: We carry out our human resources with creative and talented employees, providing them with ongoing education on safety at work.

The company provides its employees with competitive remuneration as well as  additional benefits.

The most important actions on the Human pillar include:

  • Business ethics and equality
  • Annual training plan for all employees
  • Expenses coverage for undergraduate and postgraduate education programs for the medium management staff
  • Group health insurance for all employees

Society: We remain sensitive to social issues of local and the whole of the reek society as we consider it our duty to return to them a part of the wealth we produce.

We support vulnerable social groups by providing either direct financial support or free services. We consider it as our duty to strengthen our fellow human beings in emergencies that they may face.

The most important actions on the Community Society pillar include:

  • Recruitment of employees from the local community
  • Enhance cooperation with suppliers from the local community
  • Support of public educational institutions with logistical equipment
  • Humanitarian work
  • Sponsorship all initiatives in the local community

Market: Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers is an important aspect of our customer-centric approach, tackling entrepreneurship with a sense of social responsibility. We combine high performance goals for the services we offer, while introducing at the same time, corporate practices and equipment that reduce our environmental and social impact.

The most important actions on the Market pillar include:

  • Regular communication with customers
  • Annually customer satisfaction survey
  • Effective complaint management
  • Implementation of international standards (ISO 9001:2015, AEO customs formalities)

Standards of Annual Reports and Distinctions

The strategic planning and action plan we are implementing are based on international and national corporate responsibility standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN Global Compact, the SDGs and the Greek Sustainability Code.

We are particularly pleased that our Social Performance is recognized by initiatives and organizations that promote Responsible Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.


  • is among the 21 most Sustainable Companies in Greece for 2017, according to the Sustainability Performance Directory
  • is rewarded with the Exceptional Award at the Greek Transport & Logistics Awards 2016-2017
  • is Ambassador of the Greek Sustainability Code

In PAEGAE we consider it our obligation to deliver to the next generation, a viable company that operates within a sustainable society.

Our Technical Consultant for the development of our CSR actions as well as in the preparation of the annual report is OPTILOG Advisory Services.